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Sandee & Jack Schantini

Eva’s Esthetics Florida


Attention Salon Owners

If you have not yet joined the salons that stock and sell the “Home Care” products,
you are missing an opportunity to increase your profits during the three to four weeks
your wax client is at home “waiting for the next opportunity to visit you between waxing”.

As you know it is imperative that your client protect and maintain healthy clean skin on the waxed area, hence the need for home care products.

To provide this care, Eva’s has the following products:

#625 Clear-It –a bump and blemish gel that kills bacteria, soothes the skin and leaves the area healthy and hydrated.  This size will provide 3-6 months of use.

We use it daily and it’s great!

#8011 Body Polish Kit –  Packaged in an attractive, easy to display box, which contain Pumice Gloves, “Green Clean” Shower Gel w/ Directions for use.

Plus our end of treatment, ‘Soothing Cream’ which reduces redness-

#30-9007 Post Wax Soothing Cream is a certified organic product designed to calm and sooth redness and irritation applied, after waxing by technician.
#810 Botanical Blast
#803 Triple Splash 3 in 1:

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