I oppose the amendment to S1114, lowering skin care specialist training hours

oppose the amendment to S1114 lowering skin care specialist hours to 165. This bill does not increase access to employment and can put client’s safety at risk. Florida has lower required training hours than the rest of the united states which restricts licensee mobility and puts skin care specialists (estheticians) trained in Florida at a disadvantage in a competitive market.

Lower hours of training will:

Put clients at risk. We are in close contact with consumers and use modalities that can cause harm if done improperly. Staph infection from a poorly performed waxing procedure is an example.

Put me at risk. I am exposed to multiple chemicals in various work environments that require proper procedure training to keep myself and my client safe.

Does not provide adequate time for a skin care specialist (esthetician) to learn skills required in this profession. These skills include superficial chemical peels, hair removal, facial massage, use of beauty devices and products.

Reduces the ability to gain employment. Less training does not allow adequate time to learn the skills employers demand. Florida has one of the largest spa markets in the world and they often hire nationally or internationally trained estheticians who can claim to have superior skills.

Improve access to this profession. Our areas of study are not a barrier to employment instead are necessary for performing the required job tasks. In fact, already it is tough for a school to get accreditation for an esthetics program which limits access to federal funds to complete a pre-licensing program.

Please, do not vote for S1114 without removing the section relating to the lowering of skin specialist hours.

Sandee Schantini & Amber Caplan

Sandee Schantini of Eva’s Esthetics Florida and GreatSkinSS.com along with Amber Swartz of Bumblebee Waxing are trying to promote and get the word out on this extremely important subject that deals with Estheticians in the State of Florida. This petition has been put on hold as of right now, that doesn’t stop us from signing the petition, the more we have signed the better, vs waiting until this comes up in the state office.  We would like to get all of you involved that have spent so many hours to become professionals.  Less hours to get licensed means less experience and more of a health and safety problem that can happen with customers with being miss lead on being treated.  Just like everything else, the less hours in education means the less you actually know and the less experience you have.  The more time you have into your education the better things are for everyone.


Lowering skin care specialist licensing to 165 hours is misguided, puts consumers at risk and does not significantly increase access to employment. Standards of practice cannot be met for less than 600 hours and Florida already is the lowest in the nation.

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Why sign?

  • The only way to stop this bill is to contact the Florida representatives voting on this bill.
  • Florida estheticians are in danger of having their ability to work nationally impaired worse than it is now
  • 165 hours does not allow adequate training for esthetician and consumer safety.